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Hats of the new Western movie, Appaloosa. The two hat bodies in this picture will be finished as a matched set. Hats are 7X. Price will be $ 650 for the original set.

Hats In Stock and On Sale 

Only a few of these hats are still available. Sorry. Email Us for more information.

Wild West Show Hat

Lil Gus

Gus in Bone

Appaloosa Hats

One-of-a-kind custom

Tom Mix Replica Hat

Gray Rodeo

Top Hat

Silverbelly Rodeo

Handmade Beaver Hat

Mix of Hats

Cowboy Poet

Inlet Hat

Distressed Style Hat

Hopalong Cassity Hat

Replicas hats from the movie Appalousa

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5 Uses for a Cowboy Hat

  • Keep out the sun.
  • Keep off the rain.
  • Looks good on anyone.
  • Slap a charging bull on the nose to change his mind.
  • Show the world your personality.